Property Taxes

The Texas property tax system is broken and is affecting all Texans, whether it be large unsustainable tax increases or gentrification.  George plans to introduce legislation that prevents local districts from collecting more than 4 percent more in property tax revenue than they did in the previous year without a two-thirds local voter approval. 

Freedom of Religion


Religious freedom is a concern of many voters, especially those in minority communities.  The need for protection is evidenced by examples of religious discrimination against African American men. Both Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran and Pasadena Public Health Director Dr. Eric Walsh lost their positions for discussing their personal Christian beliefs. George would sponsor legislation to prohibit state and local entities from such retaliation.


  Funds for education should be focused on children and teachers and not on administrators and inefficient bureaucracies. The Texas Comptroller has projected a fiscal 2019 surplus of $2.67 billion. George supports legislation that will aid intellectually rigorous curriculums, school choice and allows for some of the surplus to be used to lower school property taxes.