George Hindman Launches First TV Ad In The CD 17 Race

November 22, 2019

(Pflugerville, TX) On Friday George Hindman launched the first television ad in the CD 17 open congressional seat.

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Hindman commented on the ad saying, “I’m running for congress because we need a conservative outsider with business experience who will stand with President Trump. In today’s political environment we’re constantly fed talking points and I think we need something new. I’m ready to start an honest conversation with my neighbors and future constituents in District 17.”


Hindman is the owner of Keystone Aerospace, a small business devoted to advanced aerospace research and development.  He is also a FAA certified commercial pilot and flight instructor, as well as a registered professional engineer and inventor.  George holds several patents in mobile computer architectures and wireless communication technologies. His current research involves deep space navigation using extrasolar planetary star systems. Hindman previously worked in the Mission Operations Directorate at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, where he taught astronauts and mission controllers how to use the space shuttle’s computers and navigation systems.


A resident of central Texas for over 25 years, George and his wife Delia reside in Pflugerville with their son George and daughter Helen.  They are active volunteers for several community organizations as well as various ministries at their church, Saint Mary’s Cathedral. For more information on the Hindman campaign visit