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“As a committed Conservative Republican who wants our nation on the right path, I can’t watch from the sidelines while our liberties and values are under attack. It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to fix our national problems. But Washington D.C. is so broken, a rocket scientist might be what we need. Not only am I an aerospace engineer and pilot who has taught astronauts, I’m a successful inventor and entrepreneur. Most importantly, I’m a Christian conservative husband and father who is genuinely concerned with the direction of our nation. Let’s defend our country’s bedrock principles and stand strong for our conservative Republican values. Join our campaign today.” – George

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Our immigration system is broken and things as they now stand must not continue. Three steps are needed to solve this crisis. We must secure the border by building a wall, reform our immigration policies and focus on dealing with the millions of illegal immigrants already in our country.

Budget and Fiscal Responsibility

Our nation is at a crossroads as to how we determine our fiscal priorities. Democrats believe we should tax and spend more. As a fiscal conservative, I believe that we need to cut spending and restrain our federal government. Congress does not have a blank check for unlimited programs, and it is critically important that we balance the federal budget. With the national debt being more than $23 trillion dollars, reducing our debt and annual deficits are some of the greatest challenges facing our nation.

Traditional Family Values and Sanctity of Life

Over the past decade, our country has veered away from the traditional values that have provided the foundation of our culture and society. Liberals and progressives have sought to systematically destroy many of the ideals that have made this country great. These attempts at structural change have focused on the family unit and core constitutional principles.

Recent News

George Hindman Announces Endorsement for Pete Sessions in the CD 17 Runoff

George Hindman Announces Endorsement for Pete Sessions in the CD 17 Runoff

March 18, 2020

(Pflugerville, TX) on Monday George Hindman, the 3rd place finisher in the CD 17 primary election, announced that after taking time to consider the CD 17 runoff election he has decided to…

CD 17 Election Day Locations

CD 17 Election Day Locations

March 2, 2020



Axtell School Athletic
Meeting Room
312 W. Seley
Axtell, TX

Bellmead Civic Center
3900 Parrish Street
Waco, TX

Bruceville-Eddy ISD
Special Events Center
1 Eagle Drive
Eddy, TX

Carver Park Baptist Church
1020 E. Herring Avenue
Waco, TX

Cesar Chavez Middle School
700 S 15th Street
Waco, TX


Hindman’s Final Message To The District

Hindman’s Final Message To The District

February 14, 2020

Please take a minute to watch George’s final message to the district.

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George Hindman Launches 4th TV Ad

George Hindman Launches 4th TV Ad

January 13, 2020

(Pflugerville, TX) On Monday, George Hindman launched his 4th television ad in his bid for the CD 17 open congressional seat.  Hindman commented on the ad saying, “There are two reasons to run for congress. To be somebody, or to solve problems. I’m a problem solver and a christian conservative who is ready to fight for our values.”